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Talusia LS 40

Optimum formulation for low-sulphur fuel

A completely new cylinder oil (SAE 50, BN 40) specially dedicated to the lubrication of 2-stroke engines running on low-sulphur fuel. This lubricant provides the same level of performance and engine protection as our tried and tested Talusia HR 70


Talusia LS 40 is resulting from the latest innovation in additive component technology. Especially designed for the cylinder lubrication of slow speed 2-stroke diesel engines when running with low sulphur fuel.


Specifically developed for cylinder lubrication when using low sulfur fuel


  • Prevents corrosive wear by rapidly neutralizing the acidic products formed during combustion
  • Avoids the formation of deposits and protects against scuffing
  • Minimal piston ring and linerwear
  • Allows for the safe optimization of feed rates and minimization of lubricant consumption
  • Exceptional in-service results.
  • Talusia LS40 avoids the formation of deposits due toexcess calcium when burning low sulphur fuels.


Talusia LS 40 satisfies the requirements and recommendations of Hyundai, MAN B&W, Wartsila and other major engine manufacturers.