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Talusia HR 70

Talusia HR is based on the company’s patented technology and has been specially designed to cope with the most stringent conditions encountered  by the latest generation of 2-stroke low-speed engines. It is designed to avoid the formation of deposits, and protects against scuffing whilst ensuring minimal piston ring and liner wear. The high design safety margin allows feed rates to be safety optimised whilst minimizing wear and reducing lubricant consumption. Exceptional in-service results are guaranteed whatever the engine operating conditions or the quality of fuel used.

Benefits of Talusia HR

Lower maintenance and running costs

  • Talusia HR’s high-performance formula allows for the optimization of feed rates, resulting in reduced lubricant consumption.
  • With Talusia HR, time between overhauls can be maximized.
  • Talusia HR’s exceptional thermal resistance and oxidation stability guarantee that the ring pack is always maintained in very good condition.
  • The Talusia HR formula rapidly neutralises acids formed during combustion, thereby allowing liner and ring wear to be controlled and minimised.
  • Talusia HR is the first-choice solution for reducing maintenance costs.

Greater engine reliability

Due to the advanced formula of Talusia HR, your engine should always be in perfect condition, ready to deliver power when required.

Talusia HR: main features benefits

Thermal stability and anti-oxidation

Guarantees resistance to high temperature constraints, thereby avoiding formation of lacquers and deposits.

Detergency and dispersancy

Guarantees cleanliness of piston lands, grooves and scavenge ports.

Alkalinity reserve (BN)

Prevents corrosive wear by rapidly neutralizing the acids formed during combustion of high-sulphur fuels.

Anti scuffing and anti-wear

Guarantees the maintenance of an oil film, even at high pressure. Offers protection against scuffing and engine component wear.

An insurance policy for your engine

  • Talusia HR has been formulated with an inbuilt additional safety margin to ensure that it exceeds the requirements of today’s highly rated engines and that it will meet the requirements of tomorrow’s engine designs.
  • Talusia HR has undergone extensive in-house laboratory and engine tests, in addition to a full set of in-service trials to prove its superior performance.
  • Talusia HR has been approved by all major diesel engine manufacturers after extensive field tests: MAN B&W, WÄRTSILÄ (SULZER engines), MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES.
  • Lubmarine’s technical experts worldwide continuously monitor performance-in-service of Talusia HR and will be happy to advise on how to optimise cylinder oil feed rates.