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Accelerator for VE resin Curing


A special accelerator use to cure vinyl-ester. Has a very good characteristic in low temperature and with excellent strength after cured.


  • Quickly set up the vinyl-ester strength at 60oC.
  • Applicable to low temperature SWANCOR 1304 will give short curing time in low temperature without affect the building up of Barcol hardness.
  • Increase physical properties of FRP.

Example: at 25oC, 1.0% SWANCOR 1304 with 1.2% of 55% in SWANCOR 908.

GT= Gel time (minute)= 15~25 min

CT1= Curing time (minute)= 25~45 min

CT2*= Curing time (minute) <10 min

* The resin is put into 60oC oven after 10 min from the peroxide poured into resin. At the same time, start the stop watch to detect the curing time.


25kg pail

200kg Drum

Containers, not completely emptied must be closed immediately after use.

SWANCOR 1304 is necessary to mix uniformly again when used.