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Unique Promoter For VE Resin


SWANCOR 1303 is a tailor-made all-in-one promoter, which is designed to cure SWANCOR 908 vinyl ester resin without use of additional acclerater such as DMA etc. It helps to provide excellent strength for cured resin while it being used in conditions such as low temperature or high humidity etc.


  • Quick strength buildup of cured resin at 60oC.
  •  Curing time reduction in low temperature, without affecting the Barcol hardness buildup.
  • Physical properties of FRP improvement.

Example: at 25oC, 1.2% SWANCOR 1303 and 1.2% MEKPO (conc. 55%) in SWANCOR 908.

GT= Gel time (minute) = 15~25 min

CT1= Curing time (minute) = 25~45 min

CT2*= Curing time (minute) <10 min

* The resin is put into 60oC oven after 10 minutes from the peroxide added into resin. At the same time, start the stop watch to measure the curing time.


25kg pail

Containers, not completely emptied must be closed immediately after use.


1. SWANCOR 1303 contains solvent. The vessel must be properly capped after use.

2. SWANCOR 1303 is a potentially active chemical and can cause combustion if in contact with fire. Avoid direct sun shine, heat and flame. Always store the chemical under roof with good ventilation.

3. Important Note: DO NOT MIX SWANCOR 1303 WITH PEROXIDES DIRECTLY, EXPLOSION CAN OCCUR. Keep SWANCOR 1303 away from direct contact with peroxides in all condition. It is must to make sure the resin is mixed well with SWANCOR 1303 before peroxide is added.

4. Shelf life: Six (6) months