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Stern Tubes

Product Description Main Applications Technical Specifications
Shell Strombus MP
Emulsifiable stern tube oil
Shell Strombus MP is designed specifically for oil-filled stern tubes, particularly in the event of leakage. It is mainly used for the lubrication of stern tube bearings and protection of tail shafts in systems incorporating lip seal stern tube glands, but also some face seals.
The vast majority of ships today are fitted with oil lubricated stern tubes. The stern tube bearings and the tail shaft are required to operate reliably, often in extreme conditions due to vibration, water ingress, flexing of the vessel’s structure, movement of the vessel in heavy seas and with variations of speed and temperature.
Shell Strombus MP is specifically designed to be compatible with Shell Strombus T and with diesel engine oils used for stern tube lubrication. It is also suitable for the lubrication of the fin shafts of certain retractable stabilisers.
Stern Tubes where an emulsifying type of oil is required to prevent leakage past damaged or worn shaft seals. Kinematic Viscosity 273 cSt at 40°C