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Shell Neft

An effective lubrication programme is a critical part of any preventative or adaptive maintenance programme designed to achieve optimum efficiency, ensuring that everything from the main engine to the secondary equipment runs smoothly, no matter the environment in which it operates.

After many years of detailed research and development, Shell Marine Products has developed an extensive portfolio of individual lubricants, each designed to address the specific challenge of achieving optimum performance in the relevant application.

More than the strength of the individual products, companies working with Shell Marine Products benefit from the global network of local experts. These specialists help Shell`s customers to develop, implement and maintain effective lubrication programmes for each and every piece of equipment in the fleet. This can result in:

To list just a few of the advantages of SMP's lubrication programmes.

Using the concept of 'Oil Stress' (developed in Shell`s own research laboratory – the largest of its kind anywhere in the world). Shell specialists ensure that the full requirements of every application are thoroughly understood. Product and service recommendations are based on an integrated understanding of the interaction between the equipment, its operating characteristics and the lubricant to ensure they are well matched for optimum efficiency.