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Sanitation A-Cleaner

SANITATION A-CLEANER is a biological active cleaning solution formulated to eliminate hazardous, toxic bacteria and its growth, as well as to dissolve and remove solid organic waste, natural oils, grease and tartar deposits. It has been designed for the cleaning of restrooms (toilets), bathrooms, storage rooms, kitchen sinks, collection lines and in general, the sewage/sanitary systems of the vessel. Furthermore, its concentrated scent provides the added advantage of an odor eliminator.

Characteristics, Advantages & Applications

  • Effectively eliminates hazardous bacteria and readily removes organic waste and oil and grease deposits.
  • A multi purpose cleaner for toilets, drains, showers, storage rooms, quarter rooms, etc.
  • It unblocks and maintains clearways in pipelines and sewage sanitary systems.
  • It is an odor eliminator.
  • It acts quickly and efficiently, while being safe to use.
  • Can be used in combination with other cleaning products.
  • It does not affect rubber or plastic compounds.
  • Very cost effective, easy to handle and apply.

During 1996, chemical tankers were only permitted to use tank cleaning agents, which had been approved and evaluated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). SANITATION A-CLEANER (as BIOLOGICAL CLEANER) was evaluated through IMO’s Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH Working Group) and found to meet the requirements of paragraph 1.8.2 of the P&A Standards.

Physical Properties

SANITATION A-CLEANER is a concentrated liquid blend containing powerful surfactants, bacterial strains and aqueous chemical cleaners.

Appearance / Color Clear, light yellow liquid
Odor Mild Chlorine Scent
Specific gravity 1.09/15°C
pH 13
Order No Size (in litres) Container
833031 30 Plastic jerrican

Application and Use

A. Dosage

SANITATION A-CLEANER may be dosed in quantities sufficient to provide thorough and complete cleaning results. The user is the one capable to regulate the quantity used according to the situation at hand.

B. Cleaning Procedure

The application of SANITATION A-CLEANER does not differ from other general cleaners. Therefore, the ways to apply the product are conventional due to its safe characteristics. That is, for floors, walls, counters, etc, use a brush, sponge or mop. For drains, sinks, kitchen pipelines, bathroom pipelines, etc, use daily by pouring down a quantity, approximately between 250-500 ml.

Safety and Handling

HANDLING Handle with care. Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated environment.
Eye Contact Avoid Eye contact. Otherwise, flush with plenty of water for a few minutes. Seek medical attention.
Skin Contact Avoid Skin contact. Otherwise, wash contaminated area thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention.
Inhalation Avoid inhalation of vapors. Otherwise, seek fresh air source at once. Seek medical attention.
If Swallowed Avoid ingestion. Otherwise, consume a considerable quantity of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention.
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Avoid spillage, splashing and mishandling. Precautionary measures for body protection are strongly recommended before use.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and/or Product Label.