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Rapidly Biodegrading Hydraulic Oils

Rapidly Biodegrading Hydraulic Oils

mg KOH/g
Density, kg/m3 Kin. Viscosity


Pour Point

Flash Point
ISO VG 15oC 40oC 100oC
PLANTOSYN 46 HVI 46 0,4 905 46 8,1 150 -33oC 290oC
PLANTOSYN 68 HVI 68 0,4 916 67 10,1 153 -33oC 290oC


High performance, rapidly biodegrading hydraulic and lubricating oils based on saturated synthetic esters. Fully compliant with ISO15380: HEES and OECD-Guideline 301C. ISO VG 46 holding the German "Blue Angel" eco lable.