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Other Engine Oils

Other Engine Oils

Density, kg/m3 Kin. Viscosity


Pour Point

Flash Point
SAE 15oC 40oC 100oC
TITAN Truck SAE 15W40 15W40   885 103 14.3 141 -28oC 237oC
TITAN Cargo MC 10W40 10W40   867 100 14.5 146 -42oC 220oC
TITAN 2T 100S     876 47.5 8.44   -42oC 130oC


TITAN Truck SAE 15W40: All Season SHPD Engine Oil with high alloy ratio.  Optimal for auxiliary - and emergency generator engines as well as lifeboat propulsion. API CG-4 specified.

TITAN Cargo MC 10W40: Long life and fuel economy oil for high speed diesel engines with outstanding cold start performance.

TITAN 2T 100S: Fully synthetic high performance 2-Stroke engine oil, burns without leaving deposits on the spark plug. Best adapted for Outboard engines.