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Omala S 4 WE

Advanced Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil

Shell Omala S4 WE is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial worm drive gear oil formulated using specially selected polyalkylene glycol base fluids and additives. It offers outstanding lubrication performance under severe operating conditions, including improved energy efficiency, long service life and high resistance to micro-pitting.

Performance Benefits

Long oil life – Maintenance saving

Shell Omala S4 WE is formulated to provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability, extending lubricant life and resisting the formation of harmful oxidation products at high operating temperatures.

This helps maintain system cleanliness over extended maintenance intervals.

This performance is recognised by Flender AG where a formal approval for 20,000 hours (four years) at 80°C (bulk oil temperature) usage has been granted.

Shell Omala S4 WE offers the potential to extend service intervals significantly compared to conventional industrial gear oils.

Excellent wear protection

Shell Omala S4 WE is formulated to have excellent load carrying capacity providing long component life even under shock loading conditions. It also has a high resistance to micro-pitting. These features provide benefits over mineral oil-based products in terms of gear and bearing component life.

Maintaining system efficiency

Shell Omala S4 WE offers improved energy efficiency and lower operating temperatures in worm gear applications. Rig testing has shown efficiency improvements of up to 15% in comparison with mineral oil-based products and 11% over other synthetic hydrocarbon-based lubricants. These results have been confirmed by OEM testing and field experience.


Enclosed industrial worm gear systems

Recommended for industrial worm gear reduction systems operating under severe operating conditions, such as high load, very low or elevated temperatures and wide temperature variations.

Extended life systems

Shell Omala S4 WE is particularly recommended for certain systems where maintenance is infrequent or systems are inaccessible (eg yaw gears in wind turbine installations).

Other applications

Shell Omala S4 WE oils are suitable for lubrication of bearings and other components in circulating and splash-lubricated systems.

Shell Omala S4 WE is not recommended for the lubrication of components manufactured from aluminium or aluminium alloys. For highly-loaded spur and helical gears  the Shell Omala “G” series oils are recommended. For automotive hypoid gears, the appropriate Shell Spirax Oil should be used.

Specifications and Approvals

  • Meets David Brown S1.53.105 G
  • Meets ISO 12925-1 Type CKE
  • Meets ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 (EP)
  • Fully approved by Flender AG
  • Fully approved by Bonfiglioli

Seal and Paint Compatibility

High quality epoxy paints are recommended, as polyalkylene glycols will tend to attack certain conventional paints. Shell Omala S4 WE has been found to be satisfactory with nitrile and Viton seal materials, although Viton seals are preferred.

Change-over procedure

Shell Omala S4 WE contains polyalkylene glycols and is not compatible with mineral oils or most other synthetic lubricant types. Care should be taken when changing from such products to Shell Omala S4 WE. The system should be flushed with the minimum quantity of Shell Omala S4 WE, operating under no load and draining whilst warm. Ideally, seals exposed to mineral oils should also be replaced. Inspect the lubricant after a few days use. Ensure that oil systems are clean and free from contamination.

Shell Omala S4 WE is also not miscible with some other polyalkylene glycols, so caution is needed when topping-up. Generally the preference is to avoid mixtures by draining and refilling.

Health and Safety

Guidance on Health and Safety is available on the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from your Shell representative.

Protect the Environment

Take used oil to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.

Typical Physical Characteristics

Shell Omala S4 WE   150 220 320 460 680
ISO Viscosity Grade ISO 3448 150 220 320 460 680
Kinematic Viscosity ISO 3104          
at 40°C  mm2/s   136 222 321 460 664
at 100°C  mm2/s   22,5 34,4 52,7 73.2 107
Viscosity Index ISO 2909 188 203 230 239 259
Flash Point COC °C ISO 2592 302 298 286 308 296
Pour Point °C ISO 3016 -42 -39 -39 -36 -39
Density at 15°C kg/m3 ISO 12185 1076 1074 1069 1072 1070
FZG Load Carrying Test
Failure load stage
DIN 51354-2
FZG A/16,6/90

These characteristics are typical of current production. Whilst future production will conform to Shell's specification, variations in these characteristics may occur.