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Marine Cylinder Oil

Marine Cylinder Oils

Density, kg/m3 Kin. Viscosity


Pour Point

Flash Point
SAE 15oC 40oC 100oC
Navigo 40 MCL 50 40 916   20   -6oC 240oC
Navigo 50 MCL 50 55 925   20   -6oC 240oC
Navigo 70 MCL 50 70 935   20   -6oC 240oC
Navigo 100 MCL 50 100 960   20   -6oC 240oC


A range of alcaline marine diesel engines cylinder lubrication oils for all low-speed marine two-stroke diesel engines, incl. low sulphur applications, highly rated large bore engines and engines running at optimized feed rates. High-performance additives neytralize the corrosive sulphur-containing combustion residue of heavy oil fuels, ensuring the cleaness of engine parts and prevent the corrosive wear of cylinders, etc. NAVIGO 40 MCL is recommended for low-sulphur fuel with S≤1.5% weight. NAVIGO 70 MCL is suitadle for fuels with S≥1% weight.