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Marichem T.T.C.

MARICHEM T.T.C. is a concentrated petroleum solvent-based liquid compound formulated with strong aromatic solvents, emulsifying agents and surface-active agents in order to attack, penetrate and dissolve heavy oil contamination, grease, petrochemical compounds and light carbonaceous deposits, which are accumulated in oil coolers, preheated double bottoms, bilges, deep tanks etc. Furthermore, it acts as a sludge conditioner.

Characteristics, Advantages & Applications

  • Effectively removes and dissolves mineral oils, grease, petrochemicals and carbon residues from tank surfaces, engine rooms, mechanical installations, engine units, parts and components that experience heavy deposition.
  • A powerful sludge conditioner.
  • Provides a quick and thorough emulsifying action.
  • Can safely be used on all metal surfaces and its alloys (even if painted).
  • No known effect on rubber and plastic compounds.
  • May be used as a general purpose cleaner to remove oil and grease deposits.
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive and of low toxicity.
  • Disperses in water to form a milky-white emulsion before the separation of water from oil.
  • Can be combined with a specific range of products.
  • Reduces emulsion carryover and permits water-oil mixtures to separate into an aqueous phase and an oil phase.
  • Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

During 1996, chemical tankers were only permitted to use tank cleaning agents, which had been approved and evaluated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). MARICHEM T.T.C. was evaluated through IMO’s Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH Working Group) and found to meet the requirements of paragraph 1.8.2 of the P&A Standards.

Physical Properties

MARICHEM T.T.C. is a powerful liquid blend of powerful petroleum solvents, superior emulsifying agents and high grade surfactants.

Appearance / Color Clear, colorless liquid
Odor Characteristic aromatic solvent odor
Specific gravity 0.85/15°C
Flash Point >40°C
Solubility in water Miscible
Order No Size (in litres) Container
832520 25 Steel drum
832120 210 Steel drum

Application and Use

A. Dosing Procedure

MARICHEM T.T.C. may be applied fully concentrated or diluted with water. The quantity to be used is proportional to the degree of contamination, the available downtime, the surface area to cover and the desired degree of cleaning.

For heavy contamination, MARICHEM T.T.C. may be used undiluted, where as for lighter contamination we suggest a 30-50% solution with water.

For tank cleaning and sludge conditioning various strength solutions between 0.1-0.3% may be used.

B. Cleaning Procedure

The application of MARICHEM T.T.C. may be done by agitation, recirculation and/or soaking immersion.

Rock and Roll method: This method is applicable for tank cleaning at sea. Fill the tank with 0.1-0.3% of MARICHEM T.T.C. and let the solution to act for 2-6 hours. This will enable the solution to soften, penetrate and dissolve the hard bottom deposits, which have formed. Then fill with seawater at 30% of the tank’s capacity and let the solution stand for approximately 1-2 days time. In that period cleaning will be initiated due to wave motion. Then fill with more seawater to 60% of the tank’s capacity and leave the solution to act long enough, so that complete cleaning due to wave motion/natural agitation is accomplished. Afterwards, discharge the tank out and rinse off by filling the tank 1-2 times its capacity with seawater.

Note that MARICHEM T.T.C. must always be fed to the tank and then to the bunkers.

Recirculation Method: Slop water should be pumped ashore or should be pumped to ship’s slop tanks after finishing with the cleaning procedure.

Soaking Immersion method: After the solution is prepared, immerse the part, component or unit to be cleaned, and leave it to soak for 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with water.

Safety and Handling

HANDLING Handle with care. Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated environment.
Eye Contact Avoid Eye contact. Otherwise, flush with plenty of water for a few minutes. Seek medical attention.
Skin Contact Avoid Skin contact. Otherwise, wash contaminated area thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention.
Inhalation Do not breathe gas/vapors. Otherwise, seek fresh air source at once. Seek medical attention. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment.
If Swallowed Avoid ingestion. Otherwise, consume a considerable quantity of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention.
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Avoid spillage, splashing and mishandling. Precautionary measures for body protection are strongly recommended before use.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and/or Product Label.