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Marichem S-Fe

MARICHEM S-Fe is a concentrated aqueous liquid product formulated to control marine biological fouling of marine microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi and macro organisms such as barnacles, mussels and clams without harming higher life forms. MARICHEM S-Fe has a wide range of applications in all seawater cooling lines, seawater intakes, trimming tanks, ballast tanks etc.

Characteristics, Advantages & Applications

  • Very effective on marine biological fouling control in all seawater intake systems whilst protecting them from erosion and heavy scale accumulation.
  • Provides quick and thorough treatment.
  • Safe to use on all metals and metal alloys.
  • Non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic.
  • No known effect on rubber or plastic compounds.
  • Can be combined with a range of other products.
  • No heating is required upon application and it is completely biodegradable.
  • Maintains heat transfer in the system.
  • Cost effective, easy to apply and use.

Physical Properties

MARICHEM S-Fe is a concentrated liquid consisting of a blend of superior inorganic acids, corrosion inhibitors and non-ionic surface-active agents.

Appearance / Color Clear, brown liquid
Specific gravity 1.12/15° C
Solubility Complete
pH (1% Solution) 3.0-4.0
Order No Size (in kgs) Container
673007 30 Plastic jerrican

Application and Use

A. Dosing Procedure

The quantity of MARICHEM S-Fe is proportional to the capacity of seawater flow in the system, the desired treatment levels, the type and kind of the system in question, the available downtime and the degree of contamination of the system to be treated. The recommended dosage is 0.9 litres of MARICHEM S-Fe for every 100 tons of seawater flowing through the system per hour. The above mentioned dosage should be dosed during a one hour period and repeated every 48 hours. The frequency of dosage may be less depending on the degree of fouling.

B. Feeding Procedure

Once the quantity of MARICHEM S-Fe has been determined, its application must take place by use of the MARICHEM DOSING SYSTEM, into all the main seawater suction filters. This is feasible to accomplish when the DOSING SYSTEM tubing is tapped to the main seawater feeding line.

Note, that the DOSING SYSTEM must be positioned above the main seawater suction unit, over the seawater level in order to reach maximum gravity flow into the filter system while suction is in operation.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: MARICHEM S Fe should not be fed to a system while the sea water is being drawn as makeup for an evaporator or water maker. Either isolate the evaporator or shut it down while MARICHEM S Fe is being dosed and for at least 30 minutes afterward.


HANDLING Handle with care. Store in a dry, cool and well ventilated environment.
Eye Contact Avoid Eye contact. Otherwise, flush with plenty of water for a few minutes. Seek medical attention.
Skin Contact Avoid Skin contact. Otherwise, wash contaminated area thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention.
Inhalation Avoid inhalation of vapors. Otherwise, seek fresh air source at once. Seek medical attention.
If Swallowed Avoid ingestion. Otherwise, consume a considerable quantity of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention.
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Avoid spillage, splashing and mishandling. Precautionary measures for body protection are strongly recommended before use.

Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and/or Product Label.