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NLGI Grade

Dropping Point

Temperature Range in oC
Baseoil Viscosity



40oC 100oC
RENOLIT LZR 000 00/000 >160oC -40oC to +110oC 43 6 green Lithium calcium soap For usage in centralised lubrication systems
RENOLIT CX-EP 0 0 >250oC -30oC to +140oC 120 12 brown Calcium complex soap For usage on bearing points and gears, stressed by temperatures and pressure
RENOLIT CXI 2 2 >270oC -20oC to +160oC 350 32,5 brown Calcium complex soap Multi purpose grease for all points requiring a high performance concerning water resistance, working stability, EP and AW properties
RENOLIT FLM 2 2 >180oC -30oC to +140oC 100 10 black Lithium with MoS2 For plain and roller bearings with extended re-greasing intervals
RENOLIT H 443-HD88 2 – 3 >180oC -30oC to +140oC 130   green Lithium soap For plain and roller bearings under high load in humid atmosphere
RENOLIT EP X1 PBF 1 >170oC -15oC to +120oC 1050 42,5 black Lithium soap Coupling grease with outstanding performance on high rotation speeds due to exeptional basoil viscosity.
Rapidly Biodegrading Grease                
PLANTOGEL 2S 2 >170oC -40oC to +120oC 105 15 white Lithium calcium soap Enviromentally harmless EP grease, based on biodegrading synthetic esters, Excellent performance on wire ropes, compliant with latest US regulations