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Fuel Oil Treatment

Problem Product Applications Actions
Sludge build-up F.O.T.
Fuel Tanks
Combustion Spaces – Diesel, Steam Boilers
Diesel, Heavy Metals Elimination
Disperses deposits, sludge and dissolves water emulsions to a homogeneous state for combustion
Incomplete combustion F.O.T. 10 Fuel quality enrichment while dispersing sludge into a combustible state
Sulfur-Vanadium slag deposits F.O.T. C-100 Treatment and reduction of any corrosive heavy metal fuel oil ashes, through improved combustion. Reduces smoke
Lower lubricity, caused from the use of low Sulphur fuel oils, can cause the fuel injection pump of the engine to fail and can increase wear of fuel pumps, valves and injector nozzles over an extended period of use F.O.T. - LS Low Sulphur Fuel Oils
Provides superior lubricity properties to the Marine Fuel Oils.
Prevents wear on contacting surfaces and their fail.
Reduces significantly injector deposits.
Protects fuels systems against corrosion and will not separate in the fuel tank
Microorganisms contaminating fuel storage tanks and systems Fuel Biocontrol Additive to fuel storage tanks and fuel lines where microbes can cause contamination Helps in the extermination of microorganisms and bacteria from the fuel oil
Water in oil emulsions Fuelbreak
Breaks the Water in Oil Emulsion and separates most of the water in settling tank and in the centrifuge.
Prevents sludge formation in the tubes, filters blockage and facilitates the removal of metallic elements
Separates the quantities of water in marine fuel by breaking the water in oil emulsions
Soot build-up
Soot Cleaner
Soot Cleaner Liquid
Exhaust System
Removal of soot and fire scale deposits.
Prevents acid scale formation, eliminates corrosion and decreases fuel consumption