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Woven Combination Fabrics TDS
Woven Combination Fabrics tds pdf

Woven Combination Fabrics

WoviCombi is the trade name of woven combination fabrics which is marketed by NMG. It is a complex of woven roving and chopped glass fiber. The chopped layer is 200-600g/m2, unit weight of woven roving is 300-1000g/m2, width between 10-120 inches is available. This fabric is suitable for the polyester resin, vinyl resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin etc. It is mainly used to make the boat, panel, automotive parts, refrigerated tools and structural section industry etc.

General Data

Code Density (g/m2) Chopping layer density(g/m2) Woven roving density (g/m2) Chopping layer density(g/m2)
WRM500/450 954 _ 504 450
WRM600/300 900 _ 600 300
WRM800/300 1116 _ 816 300
WRM800/450 1266 _ 816 450
WRDM300/600/300 1200 300 600 300
WRDM450/800/450 1716 450 816 450