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Thermoplastic Fiber Fabrics TDS
Thermoplastic Fiber Fabrics tds pdf

Thermoplastic Fiber Fabrics

TpFab Thermoplastic fiber fabrics are used to produce GMT products, including Woven fabrics, Needle mats, etc. For the woven fabrics, roving compatible with thermoplastic resin will be applied in warp and weft direction, to form plain, twill or unidirectional fabrics. For the needle mat, thermoplastic fiber will be needled on the woven fabrics as chopping layer. Besides, there is also a kind of fabric made by using fiberglass/thermoplastic fiber in warp and weft which has high fiberglass content and can be applied into the compression molding process. GMT is widely used in automobile parts.

General Data

Needle Mat

Product code Density (g/m2 Width(mm) Thickness (mm)
ENC50/100 150 1500 4
ENC50/150 200 1500 4
ENC100/100 200 1500 5
ENC100/150 250 1500 5

Woven Roving

Product code Densityg/m2 material widthmm
Fabric count
warp weft warp weft
TWR620 620 E 1200tex E 1200tex 2110 6.5 6.5
TWU620 620 E 2400tex E 1200tex 2110 5.25 2.5