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S-glass Fabrics TDS
S-glass Fabrics tds pdf

S-glass Fabrics

HsFab 5-glass fabrics is made of 5-glass fiber, which is interweaved by a certain rule on the loom. According to the weaving methods, it can be classified into plain fabrics, twill fabrics etc. 5-glass fabric is widely used in the field of aerospace, defense, military project, construction industry, etc.

General Data

Product code Woven type Density g/m2 Width(mm) Resin compatible Thicknessmm
HSWP100 Plain 100 1000 Epoxy 0.11
HSWP210 Plain  210 1000 Epoxy 0.22
HSWP240 Plain 240 1000 Epoxy 0.23
HSWT140 Twill 140 1000 Epoxy 0.15
HSWT200 Twill 200 1000 Epoxy 0.21
HSWU300 UD 300 1000 Epoxy 0.26
HSWU400 UD 400 1000 Epoxy 0.37