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Prepreg TDS
Prepreg tds pdf


Prepreg is an intermediate material, refers to impregnating resin in the high performance fiber. The high performance fiber could be filament and fabrics such as UD fabrics, plain fabrics, twill fabrics, multiaxial fabrics. As for the resin, primarily it is epoxy resin.lt is mainly applied in aerospace, transportation, automobile, boat, sports, medical equipment, etc.

General Data

Product code Fiber weight          (g/m2 Resin content           (%) Description
CPP-1k 100 40 Carbon plain fabrics prepreg-1k
CPP-3k 200 40 Carbon plain fabrics prepreg-3k
CPP-6k 360 40 Carbon plain fabrics prepreg-6k
CPP-12k 400 40 Carbon plain fabrics prepreg-12k
CPT-6k 480 40 Carbon twill fabrics prepreg-6k
CPT-12k 480 40 Carbon twill fabrics prepreg-12k
CPU-12k 420 33 Carbon UD fabrics prepreg-12k