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Weft UD tds pdf

Weft UD

MultiFab is the trade name of the Multiaxial Fabrics which is marketed by NMG. All the Weft UD fabrics which produced by NMG are direction of 90° for the main weight. Also can select to add chopping layer (30-600g/m2) or non-woven fabric (15-100g/m2). Use the polyester stitching yarn to stitch together. The area weight can be 120-600g/m2. The width can be 2-120 inches. This fabric is suitable for the polyester resin, vinyl resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin etc. It is mainly used in FRP pipe, tanks industry etc.

General Data

Code Density (g/m2) 90°density (g/m2) Chopping layer density(g/m2) Price, USD/kg
T200 200 200 - 4.86
T400 400 400 - 3.23
T450 444 444 - 3.23
T500 500 500 - on request
TM300/300 600 300 300 on request
TS1150/30 1180 1150 30 on request
TS115/30 145 115 30 on request