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High Performance Hybrid Fabrics TDS
High Performance Hybrid Fabrics tds pdf

High Performance Hybrid Fabrics

HybFab High performance hybrid fabrics is pruduced by two or more different fiber mixed together in weaving process, then making it into fabric with blended yarn. Interlaced fabric is produced by different fibers for warp and weft. Hybrid fabrics include carbon/ glass fiber fabrics, aramid/carbon fabrics, carbon/ polyester fiber fabrics, aramid/ polyester fiberfabrics. Weaving methods include plain, twill, satin etc.

General Data

Product code Density (g/m2 Material Widthmm Fabric countends/25mm
warp weft warp weft
CAP170HB 170 CF 3k AF 1210dtex 1000 12.5 12.5
CPP180HB 180 CF 3k Poly 1100dtex 1000 12 12.5
CPT190HB 190 CF 3k Poly 1100dtex 1000 12 15
CEP250HB 250 E 320tex CF 3k 1000 12.5 12.5
AEP250HB 250 E 300tex AF 1210dtex 1000 15.75 12.5