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Core Combination Mat - Woven Roving Core Mat TDS
Core Combination Mat - Woven Roving Core Mat tds pdf

Core Combination Mat - Woven Roving Core Mat

CoreCombi is the trade name of the multi-layered combination mat which is marketed by NMG.The woven roving core mat designed by NMG is combined with upper layer woven roving, middle layer non-woven core material, and plus the chopping layer, use the polyester stitch yarn to stitch together. The woven roving area weight can be 300-1200g/m2,chopping layer can be 100-600g/m2, width between 2-120 inches is available. This fabric is suitable for the polyester resin, vinyl resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin etc. It is mainly used in the RTM process, to manufacture the nacelle, automotive, train parts etc

General Data

Code Density (g/m2) Woven roving density (g/m2) core layer density (g/m2) woven roving density(g/m2) chopping layer density (g/m2)
WRNM800/P1/450 1446 816 180 _ 450
WDNM800/P1/800/600 2412 816 180 816 600