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Chopped Strand Mat-For General Application TDS
Chopped Strand Mat-For General Application tds pdf

Chopped Strand Mat-For General Application

ChopMat is the trade name of the chopped strand mat which is marketed by NMG. It is made from fiberglass chopped strands bonded with powder binder or emulsion binder. The width can be 250-3200MM.It is used primarily for hand lay up process, filament winding process and press molding of FRP products. The product is suitable for epoxy resin, polyester resin, vinyl resin. It is widely used in the car headliner, bathroom accessories. pipe, building materials, automotive, furniture and other FRP products.

General Data

Code Binder type Density (g/m2) L.O.I (%) Moisture Content (%) T. strenth N Vertical T. strenth N Horizontal
M110P(E)100 powder/emulsion 100 4.0-12.0 ≤0.20 ≥40 ≥40
M110P(E)150 powder/emulsion 150
M110P(E)200 powder/emulsion 200
M111P(E)225 powder/emulsion 225 2.0-8.0 ≥40 ≥40
M111P(E)250 powder/emulsion 250
M111P(E)300 powder/emulsion 300 ≥60 ≥60
M111P(E)450 powder/emulsion 450
M111P(E)600 powder/emulsion 600 ≥80 ≥80