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Basalt Fiber Braid and Tapes TDS
Basalt Fiber Braid and Tapes tds pdf

Basalt Fiber Braid and Tapes

BalFab Basalt fiber braided fabric is produced by braiding machine.According to the shapes, the fabrics can be divided into basalt fiber braid, basalt fiber tape, etc. Basalt fiber braid can be applied in the field of insulation tube on coil parts of electrical equipments and motors. Also, it can used in insulation tube for connecting wire and heat resistance joint. Moreover, it is able to be the base material of HTG fiberglass sleeving, electric brush hose and high temperature resistant composites tube

General Data


Product code Density(g/m2 Dia.(mm) Thickness(mm)
BS250 250 50 0.29
BS400 400 65 0.47
BS450 450 30 0.5
BS600 600 150 0.7
BS650 650 200 0.74


Product code Density(g/m2 Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
BT400 400 25 0.45
BT450 450 50 0.55
BT500 500 100 0.6