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Boiler Water Treatment

Problem Product Applications Actions
Corrosion, scale deposit formation and sludge B.W.T. New Formula
B.W.T. Powder
Low pressure/auxiliary/exhaust gas system boilers Protects against water hardness and sludge build up. Removes dissolved oxygen and is used as an antifoaming agent
Corrosion in boilers Alkalinity Control For all low boilers Neutralizes acidic conditions. Provides alkalinity stabilization
Scale deposit formation Phosphate Prevents salt corrosion through water hardness control
Oxygen saturation Oxycontrol Blinds dissolved oxygen. Reduces corrosion
Corrosion in feed water and condensate systems Marichem C.C.I. Neutralizes acidic conditions. Provides alkalinity stabilization. Reducing corrosion
Sludge oil contamination Boiler Sludge Conditioner Prevents the formation of adhesive compounds. Assists in sludge dispersion until removal