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Bioactive Powder

BIOACTIVE POWDER is a mixture of various enzymes and spores, formulated to eliminate hazardous and toxic waste and their growth. It will also remove and dissolve solid organic waste, natural oils, grease and tartar deposits. The enzymes and spores will break down organic matter into simple compounds. It has been designed for the cleaning of restrooms (toilets), vacuum toilets, bathing rooms, storage rooms, kitchen sinks, collection lines and in general the sewage/sanitary system of the vessel. Furthermore, its concentrated scent provides the added advantage of being an odor eliminator.

Characteristics, Advantages & Applications

  • Multi purpose cleaner for toilets, drains, showers, storage rooms, quarter rooms etc.
  • Unclogs and maintains clearwaysin pipelines and sewage sanitary systems.
  • Acts quickly and efficiently, while being safe to use.
  • Eliminates odor and is biologically active
  • Environmentally safe and completely biodegradable.
  • No effects on rubber or plastic compounds.
  • May be used in combination with other cleaning products.
  • Cost effective, easy to handle and apply.
  • Acts as an anti-foaming agent and is water soluble.

Physical Properties

BIOACTIVE POWDER is a mixture of various enzymes along with spores and vegetable cells containing powerful surfactants and bacterial strains. BIOACTIVE POWDER works better under the following parameters:

Temperature 20оС — 50оС
pH 5.5-9.0
Order No Size (in kgs) Container
555555 4 Plastic Pail

Application and Use

BIOACTIVE POWDER is a mixture of various enzymes and spores to be used in organic waste treatment. Organic wastes contain a mixture of complex compounds, which have to be broken down to simple compounds before disposal. The enzymes of BIOACTIVE POWDER immediately start to break down the organic waste. The nutrient salts present in BIOACTIVE POWDER help to create a medium for the spores to produce additional enzymes, which constantly break down proteins and fats.

That way, BIOACTIVE POWDER reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

The initial dosage is 1 kgr of BIOACTIVE POWDER for 15000 ltrs.

Then, continue dosing 500 grs for 15000 ltrs once per week to keep a clean system.

Use of any additional acidic, alkaline or chlorine-based cleaner is not recommended, as will de-activate the bacterial action.