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Aurelia XL 4055

Aurelia XL range: a comprehensive range of lubricants for medium speed engines running on residual fuel oils. Aurelia XL uses state of the art additive technology to cope with the increasing demands of the latest engines.


Aurelia XL 4055 conforming to the specs better than API CF is resulting from the latest innovations in additive component technology.


  • Especially designed for the lubrication of medium speed diesel engines running on high sulphur heavy fuel oils.
  • Particularly suitable for engines in which a large alkalinity reserve is necessary due to the combination of a very high sulphur heavy fuel oil with a low lubricant consumption.
  • Bearing, stern tubes and reduction gear lubrication.

Special Features

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent detergent properties at high temperatures
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Very good filtration capacity


Aurelia XL is the latest evolution of the AURELIA range and approved by MAN B&W, Wartsila and other major engine builders.