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Polypropylen (PP) TDS
Polypropylen (PP) tds pdf

Polypropylen (PP)






Cellcore diameter (mm)



Capacity (kg/m3)



Compressive strength (Mpa)



Shear strength (Mpa)



Effective temperature (oC)

-30 - +80

-30 - +80

Thermal conductivity
(W/mk,10 oC)



The characteristics of PP honeycomb plate and applications

1. Light weight

As well as being beneficial in its end use another benefit of being light weight is that it can greatly reduce the cost of transport costs. High compressive strength. The honeycomb products are commonly used for internal decoration such as roofing, flooring and partition walls in yachts, automobiles, trains and other transport industries. The honeycomb also can use by in luggage products such as suitcase.

2. Energy absorption reduce vibration

3. Sound insulation

The plastic honeycomb plates can dampen sound waves and aid insulated glass to effectively hinder external sounds. This makes it very suitable to be a fundamental noise dampener in yachts, automobiles, trains and other forms of transports.

4. Thermal insulation

Its relatively high resistance to temperatures allows the product to keep temperatures inside stable. Due to this character, the honeycomb plates can be adapted for use as refrigerators or food warmers.

5. Water proof, non-toxic, anti-humidity corrosion resistance

Due to the characteristics of the raw material itself, the plastic honeycomb plates can be applied to use in water environments whilst at the same time remaining strong to corrosive elements in these environments. Due to these features it allows the plastic honeycomb plate to be broadly used for port building and in the sea floating raft industry. The honeycomb plate can also be combined with activated carbon; these panels can be applied to air filtration and purification equipment.

Our company can supply different weight of non-woven fabric tissues and core size for PP honeycomb plate. Classified by diametr, we can offer yyou model type PP, PC as follows: PP8T30, PP8T30F, PP8T60, PP8T60F, PP12T30, PP12T30F, PP12T60, PP12T60F, PC3.5, PC6.

Description Eg: PP8 (cellcore diameter: 8 mm), T:tissue, F:film, T30: 30g tissue

Tissue can reinforce lamination. Film can prohibit resin and glue from leaking into the cell.